Head injury issues

Head injury

Our body is not made up of metals or rocks to withstand high pressures in any forms. If the damage is at the right part then it may even lead to death at times. Two main right parts that should not be injured is head and obviously the brain inside.

The head injury and brain injury mainly occur due to the drastic accidents. Though many safety rules and regulations are framed, the accidents occur due to lack of implementation of the rules. The head injury includes the damage to brain and other parts in head such as skull and scalp.

Head injury may occur when you are harshly hit by sharp objects which protrude your skin and damage your inner head parts. It may also be caused when heavy objects such as hammer or a rock hits the head unexpectedly or expectedly. This may lead to the cause of dents in the skull. When there is bleeding under the skull “goose eggs” are formed and ice can be applied on the skin to decrease the size.

Brain injury mostly occurs due to closed head injury and it happens when the foreign object penetrates into the skull. Severe brain injury may cause long term effects such as difficulty in speaking, slurred speech, weakness and numbness. The symptoms may be from simple to severe.

The head and brain injury are the types than one must never get in his life.