Why good posturing is important

Good posture is an effort, not tiring position that can be maintained over a long period. Your posture can be a reflection of your body attitude. One is any deviation curvature of the spine of its normal direction or position.

There are two curves of the spine, which can be viewed from the side. When posture is defective, these curves are exaggerated or reduced. Lordose exists when the neck and dips in the lower back to display a curve. Seen from behind, lordosis is an exaggeration digging back. After time, this can lead to a hollow saddle, or swing back. Cyphose occurs when the curve dips in the opposite direction, in the neck to the waist. Seen from behind, kyphosis is exaggerated or rounded hump. After time, this can lead to a bump.

Seen from the back, shoulders and pelvis should be parallel and head in the line above the tail, displaying a vertical line. Scoliosis is a deviation from the straight line, where the curves of the spine of its central axis from left to right, looking like a S.

Poor posture causes a multitude of symptoms such as back pain, headache, general breathing and digestive difficulties, malaise, problems and feet.