How to regulate your abs

Exercise: This is always the number one way to get rid of the excess fat in your stomach area. Always use cardio type of exercise to loose fat and not doing sit ups vigorously. Exercising also helps your body to maintain a higher metabolic rate which burn fat faster. Also simple exercise like taking the effort to walk and move around everyday also helps.

Here are a few simple things which you can do in order to perform an exercise:

1. Gardening;
2. Take the effort to wash your car;
3. Use the stairs in case of the lift or parking further away so that you can take a walk to office instead.

Diet: It is always important to remember that you should never starve yourself! But choose the type of foods are you consuming in your diet. It would help if you consume high fiber food which has very low calorie – fills your stomach while you consume little or rather no calorie at all. Also consume low-fat protein foods like lean meat, peel off the skin on the chicken before you eat and low-fat dairy products.

Regulate your meal: Count your calories! Think before you consume the food and never eat a huge meal – break it down to smaller ones so that you can eat more often but in smaller and lesser caloric food.